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Education Coordinator Term:

COMMITTEE CHARGE: Collaborate with GLATA meeting planners and committee members to coordinate and evaluate education opportunities and activities for GLATA members.

GLATA EXECUTIVE BOARD LIAISON: President-Elect or as appointed by the GLATA President with approval of the GLATA Executive Board.

COMMITTEE COORDINATOR TERM: Two years – renewable.


COMMITTEE ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible to serve as a member of a GLATA Committee, one must (1) be a member of GLATA, and (2) be in possession of a National Provider Identification (NPI) Number.

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: The Education Committee Coordinator will solicit and recommend committee members with approval from the Executive Board. Committee members will include, as a minimum, representatives from CECAT, Research Assistance, Honors and Awards, and GLATA Annual Meeting Planning Annual Meeting Planner(s).

COMMITTEE MEMBER TERMS: Two years – renewable.

A. The Education Committee will meet as needed to complete duties and responsibilities of the committee.
B. During each meeting of the Education Committee, a committee member will be appointed by the Coordinator to take meeting minutes.
        a. All meeting minutes will be housed in the Education Committee folder in Dropbox.

A. Adheres to all Association policies and procedures contained within Chapter 4.
B. Maintains Board of Certification (BOC) Approved Provider credential.
C. Oversees and coordinates all educational components of the Annual Meeting and other GLATA educational programs.
        1. Meeting
                a. The GLATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium is held annually in March. Its purpose is to provide educational opportunities for our members via feature presentations, learning labs and minicourses.
        2. Home Study Courses
                a. Collaborates with Innovative CEUs (ICEU), GLATA to provide a number of home study courses annually.
        3. Program Evaluation
                a. Evaluates educational programming annually based on presentation and speaker reviews.
D. Ensures collaboration with Annual Meeting Planners to coordinate educational activities for members.
        1. Schedule of Events and Speakers – communication, contracts, reimbursement

        2. Logistics, Audio/Visual, Room Set up
E. The committee, in partnership with the Communications Committee, will develop a communication timeline and mechanism (using various GLATA digital media platforms) related to the GLATA Annual Meeting. This timeline will include, at a minimum:
        1. Call for abstracts.
        2. Educational programming promotions.
F. Plans Kevin Gerlach Professional Development Award
        1. Includes information for proposed recipient in November Board Report.
                a. Award will be approved by the board during the November board meeting.
2. Coordinates with Chair of Honors & Awards Committee to ensure recipients are included in award recognition process.
G. Policy for GLATA-State Association online education materials partnership
        1. The GLATA will enter into limited term agreements with member state associations upon request from state association and approval from the GLATA President.
                a. A state association wishing to pursue this partnership shall submit a letter of intent to purchase. This letter must include the total number of courses the state association wishes to purchase.
                b. The GLATA President shall consult with the GLATA Education Coordinator on ability to successfully fulfill the state request.
                c. Upon approval from the GLATA President, the GLATA Treasurer will prepare an invoice to the state association for the total amount due. Payment from the state association must be received prior to GLATA releasing any courses and/or course coupons to the state association.
                d. Pricing shall be as follows:
                        i. 1-10 courses will be charged at $15 per course
                        ii. The following 10 courses will be charged at $10 per course
                        iii. Additional courses shall be charged at $8 per course
                e. The pricing for courses as listed above shall be reviewed and approved annually by the Finance Committee. If a change in price structure is recommended, this must be approved by the Executive Board.
                f. No refunds will be issued by the GLATA for unused courses by the state association.
                g. After payment is received, the state association will work with the GLATA Education Committee Coordinator to procure courses/course coupons in number and structure as outlined in the original letter of intent.

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