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Illinois State Representative

Where do you currently reside?

        Mackinaw, IL

Where do you currently work and your role there?

        Bradley University…see linked bio

What is your educational background?

        o   BS, East TN State Univ

        o   Ms.Ed., Virginia Tech

What year did you become an athletic trainer?

        Certified June 2001

What are some of your past work experiences/jobs?

        Head FB ATC at Illinois State University

What is your current role and responsibilities for GLATA?

        IL State Rep

What are some rewards of professional service?

        The ability to serve our profession and be an impetus for change within our association

What are some of your hobbies or things you enjoy doing?


Any other information that you would like to share?

        IATA HOF 2019

        NATA service Award 2020

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