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Charles "Skip" Vosler, MS, ATC
February 2017

A Brief Snapshot:

  • Earned his Master’s of Science from Ball State University

  • Attended Defiance College for his Bachelor of Science

  • Attended Ohio State University for Physical Therapy

  • Owner of Southeast Ohio Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy in Athens, OH

  • Former Head AT at Ohio University

  • Former OATA Vice President and GLATA Secretary/Treasurer

His Influence on the Profession:

Charles Vosler has had an immense impact on the profession of athletic training. He was the pioneer of the first ATEP in Ohio (Ohio University), has practiced and taught athletic training at several universities, he has produced written work published within the profession, and has served on the boards of several athletic training organizations. He has also helped to develop innovations in our field through serving as an advisor/designer of Zide Athletic Equipment which produces protective equipment such as shoulder pads, helmets, and four-point chin straps. Thank you, Mr. Vosler for your contribution to this profession!

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