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Katie Grove PhD, LAT, ATC
December 2015

A Brief Snapshot...

  • Katie received her Master’s Degree in Physical Education with a specialization in Athletic Training from Indiana State University; and her Doctorate from the University of Missouri

  • She has worked as an athletic trainer for Indiana University for women’s swimming and diving, softball, and cheerleading until 2007

  • At Indiana University, Katie is continuing to serve as the Program Director and teaches at the undergraduate level, as well as the Program Coordinator for the Department of Kinesiology

  • Katie has been involved in many leadership opportunities, including being the President of the GLATA from 2006-08, serves on the Indiana Athletic Trainers’ Association Governmental Affairs Committee, has been a NATA liaison with the American Kinesiology Association since 2010 and is working with the World Federation of Athletic Therapy and Training (WFATT)

  • Katie has also won the Golden Pinnacle Award through GLATA, the Diversity Award, and the Athletic Trainer of the Year Award in Indiana


Her Contribution to Our Profession

“It was my fortune or misfortune to become an athletic trainer when I did. I did not know it at the time but there were battles to be fought on equity and social justice issues, especially for women... I submitted a proposal for a “Commission to Study the Status of Women in the NATA”. That proposal was approved by the NATA Board of Directors and became a Task Force on Women in Athletic Training in 1995 and a Committee on Women in Athletic Training in 1997. It was the opportunity to form this Task Force/Committee which finally gave me the opportunity to serve, to begin to develop the leadership skills I was going to need soon enough.”

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