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Matt Munjoy, ATC
August 2016


  • Mr. Munjoy attended Northern Illinois University for his Bachelor’s Degree and University of Phoenix for his Master’s Degree in Health Administration.

  • Illinois Athletic Trainers Association President Elect

  • Has served in the IATA since 2009

His Impact on the Athletic Training Profession:

Mr. Munjoy, a Certified Athletic Trainer and Outreach Coordinator at Decatur Memorial Hospital, has certainly impacted our profession in several unique ways. He is the current Illinois Athletic Trainers Association (IATA) President Elect and past IATA District four representative as well as IATA Vice President. In the past, he has been known for putting on the IATA Conferences in November as well as being committed to his career as an Athletic Trainer. Thank You Mr. Munjoy for all of your work as not only an Athletic Trainer, but as a leader in the Athletic Training world!

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