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Allie Mahoney, MS, LAT, ATC, CSCS (IN) (IN)
Education Program Coordinator

Allie Mahoney is a certified athletic trainer for Community Health Network and currently works at Belzer Middle School in Indianapolis, IN. She received a masters degree in athletic training from the University of Indianapolis in 2020 and a bachelors degree in exercise science, strength and conditioning from the University of Southern Indiana in 2018.  
Allie serves as one of two student representatives to the IATA (IN) and as the CECAT liaison to the GLATA education committee. She feels that stepping outside of expected duties by volunteering on professional committees is important to help her grow while learning to appreciate more about the profession.

When she's not taking care of patients in the athletic training room or volunteering on committees, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Brendon, and dog, Bentley.

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