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Leah Smith (WI)
Webmaster and Public Relations

Leah is from Madison, Wisconsin and is a senior at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. As the Webmaster and Public Relations Coordinator of the GLATA Student Senate, Leah updates the student section of the GLATA website and manages the GLATA Students Facebook and Twitter pages to communicate with athletic training students in District IV. Clinically, Leah has worked with the football, wrestling, men’s and women’s soccer and men’s and women’s crew teams at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Leah also received the Wisconsin Athletic Trainer’s Association 2019 Founding Fathers Scholarship. Her hobbies include biking, reading, watching sports and spending time with family and friends. Leah’s goal after graduation is to continue her athletic training education by pursuing a masters or doctorate degree. She is still trying to decide which field of athletic training interests her the most.  

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