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Molly Cockerham, MS, LAT, ATC
CECAT Committee Co-Coordinators: Term: March 2024-2026


Molly Cockerham is the operations manager for Advanced Rehab and Sports Medicine. She helps develop policy and procedures, oversees the day to day operations of the physical therapy clinics, manages the athletic training staff, and covers local high school and community college athletic events. Molly completed her BS in Athletic Training from Illinois State University in 2015 and her MS in Health Sciences with an emphasis in Public Health from Western Illinois University in 2018. Prior to joining Advanced Rehab, Molly worked in physician practice with Hinsdale Orthopedics (Hinsdale, IL). Before that, she primarily worked as an athletic trainer in the collegiate setting both at Western Illinois University (Macomb, IL) and Savannah State University (Savannah, GA). Her professional interests include third party reimbursement for athletic trainers and preventing athletic trainer/therapist burn out. In her spare time, she likes to workout at OrangeTheory, play pickleball with her boyfriend, and hang out with their dachshund Scooby.

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