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Diversity and Inclusion Resources

The GLATA Diversity and Inclusion Committee is a standing committee of the association. Its work is aimed at advancing the value of diversity and inclusion within the GLATA and facilitating increased representation and engagement of all GLATA members.

The committee is comprised of individuals with diverse lived and professional experiences. All states within the GLATA are also represented by the committee members. Meet those individuals below—

  • Chelsea Best, MS, LAT, ATC (Indiana)
  • Lorin Cartwright, MS, AT, CAA (ex-officio member; Michigan)
  • Kristine Ensign, PhD, AT (Ohio)
  • Michelle Fasano, MA, AT, ATC (Michigan)
  • Samar Long, MSEd, AT, ATC (ex-officio member; Ohio)
  • Michael Martinez, MS, LAT, ATC (Indiana)
  • Jesse Newell, MS, LAT, ATC (Minnesota)
  • Ben Rockwell, MS, LAT, ATC (Wisconsin)
  • Megan Shipp, LAT, ATC (Illinois)
  • Jenny Toonstra, PhD, LAT, ATC (Ohio)
  • Jeff Williams, PhD, LAT, ATC (Committee Coordinator; Indiana)


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