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Jenny Toonstra, PHD, AT
Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair: Term: 2023-2025


Jenny Toonstra is an Associate Professor and the Clinical Education Coordinator for the Master of Athletic Training Program at Bowling Green State University.  Jenny completed a BA in Exercise Science at Calvin University (1999), an MA in Athletic Training at Western Michigan University (2003), and a PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Kentucky (2014).  Prior to joining the faculty at BGSU, Jenny was the Program Director/Clinical Education Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Athletic Training at Salisbury University.  Jenny has served the athletic training profession through committee involvement at the state and regional levels for several years.  She currently serves as a member of the Ohio Athletic Trainers’ Association (OATA) Research and Grants Committee.   Jenny is passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion within the athletic training profession.  In addition to her role on the GLATA Diversity & Inclusion Committee, Jenny teaches a course on cultural competency at BGSU. 

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