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Patrick Ohaver, ATC
Indiana State Representative


Elections Committee

Honors & Awards Committee

Finance Committee


Patrick is a seasoned professional providing the GLATA with representation from the State of Indiana. Patrick was reappointed by the IATA president for a third 2 year term. A midwesterner by birth, attended undergrad at Northern Illinois University. Patrick relocated south to Louisiana, for a Masters in Teaching from Centenary College of Louisiana where he served as a graduate assistant. Patrick has been a secondary school AT for his career, currently the Athletic Trainer for Highland High School , Highland IN. Patrick is employed by Methodist Hospitals as an outreach supervisor along with being the AT at Highling High School.  Patrick enjoys leadership opportunities and mentoring early career ATs.

Removed from the profession, Patrick enjoys Ballroom dancing as  relief from the everyday grind    Additionally, he is also involved in the Highland High Theater company as a technical assistant, and occasionally assists on the Improv team, sharpening his Improv skills.

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