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Laura Harris, PHD, ATC
Ohio State Representative

Where do you currently work and your role there?

        Ohio University, Dublin Campus

        Clinical Professor, Post-Professional Athletic Training Program

What is your educational background?

        BS – Wilmington College, Wilmington OH

        MS – Indiana University, Bloomington IN

        PhD – The Ohio State University, Columbus OH

What year did you become an athletic trainer?


What are some of your past work experiences/jobs?

Urbana University, Athletic Trainer & Instructor

Urbana High School, Athletic Trainer

Ohio Wesleyan University, Adjunct Lecturer & Contingent Athletic Trainer

The Ohio State University, Athletic Training Program, Clinical Coordinator

The Ohio State University, Athletic Training, Director of Clinical Education

Ohio University, Physician Assistant Practice, Director of Clinical Education

What is your current role and responsibilities for GLATA?

        State Representative to GLATA from Ohio

What are other roles that you have previously held within GLATA?

State Representative to GLATA from Ohio (2010-2011)

GLATA Secretary (2012-2016)

GLATA Newsletter (2012-2019)

What are some rewards of professional service?

The most obvious reward is the networking and sharing of ideas and creative solutions developed through conversations with colleagues.  These enrich your program as well as the profession.  However, I value the friendships above all else.

What are some of your hobbies or things you enjoy doing?

        I love horse racing.  My father used to train harness horses, so I grew up on the backstretch. 


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