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Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusive Excellence in AT

The GLATA is committed to pursuing inclusive excellence in athletic training. This means the association insists on being intentional in its value, engagement, and inclusion of its diverse membership in the work of advancing the profession. Moreover, the GLATA believes it is important to explicitly express its Statement on Diversity and Inclusion.    

The GLATA defines diversity as the presence of different and intersecting identities including but not limited to ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, religion, and socio-economic status.  Inclusion refers to the intentional and ongoing recruitment and engagement of all individuals in the work of the association.

The GLATA aims to achieve an organizational environment in which the worth and dignity of all people are valued and, in fact, pursued in the organization’s intentions and programming. In doing so, the association can advance the value of diversity and inclusion (i.e. the extent to which members perceive worth/benefits of diversity and inclusive practices), engagement of diversity and inclusion (i.e. the extent to which members competently encounter and are able to include individuals unlike themselves—e.g. clientele and colleagues), and the presence of diversity and inclusive practices (i.e. the extent to which different people groups are represented and included in leadership and membership of the profession).

Through this work, the Association can advance the quality and vibrancy of health care for all individuals and populations who are patients of GLATA members.

Want more information? Please visit the Diversity & Inclusion Resources

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