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NATA Membership Renewal

We’re excited that it’s time of year again—it’s time to renew your NATA membership! As a valued member of NATA, you’ve already experienced the countless benefits of being part of the athletic training community. Now, NATA has worked to make the process of joining & renewing even more convenient and accessible. 


Why Renew your NATA Membership?

Renewing your membership is not just about maintaining your status—it’s about investing in your professional growth, gaining valuable support, becoming an advocate for the athletic training community, and fostering meaningful connections. Here’s a reminder of what you gain when you renew: 

  • Professional Growth: NATA is committed to providing you with the latest industry knowledge, cutting-edge research, and career-enhancing opportunities. Renewing your membership keeps you at the forefront of your profession. 
  • Support: Just as you are there to assist your patients through their ups and downs, so too is NATA here for you. Your membership comes with access to an array of support resources that equip you with the tools you need to thrive in the athletic training profession. 
  • Advocacy: Your membership enables NATA to advocate for athletic trainers. Whether on Capitol Hill or engaging national media, NATA advocates for the athletic training profession to ensure you’re recognized and compensated appropriately for the health care you provide. Renewing your membership further enables NATA to protect and promote your interests. 
  • Community: Connect with your peers, exchange insights, and collaborate with other members who face similar challenges. 


Flexible Payment Options: Pay Your Way!

We’re thrilled that NATA offers new and flexible ways to renew your membership. You can break down your membership fees into up to 12 monthly installments. We hope this option will ease the financial burden and ensure you continue to enjoy the advantages of NATA membership without any hassle. 


Funding Support? NATA’s Got Your Covered!

NATA provides justification letter templates for those seeking financial assistance to assist you in requesting funding support for your membership. One template is designed for clinicians and another for those in higher education. These templates can be customized to fit you and your employer’s needs. 


Options are in place to assist members who may be going through economic hardship. Don’t let money get in the way of investing in yourself or the future of your profession. 


Don’t miss another year of unparalleled professional development, support, advocacy, and community. Renew your NATA membership today and continue to be a part of something extraordinary. 


NATA membership includes GLATA, the District, and State Associations membership. Questions about the dues structure? Visit the Membership Dues Calculator for more information. Want to explore more about the benefits of NATA membership? Visit the NATA Member Benefits page. 


Members have until January 31 to renew before losing access to all benefits. Ready to renew? Click here to get started.

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