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Friday March 10

Should Pain Be Your Guide? Clinical-Reasoning Guided by Theory & Biopsychosocial Factors

  • Kemery Sigmund, PhD, ATC

Leadership Reloaded: Tacklin Imposter Syndrome 

  • Trevor Bates, DHSc, ATC
  • Angela Beisner, MA, ATC
  • Darryl Conway, MA, ATC
  • Matthew Kutz, PhD, ATC

Basic Quality Improvement for Athletic Trainers 

  • Tyler Beauregard, MS, ATC, CSCS

Professional Pathways - Exploring Emerging Practice Settings 

  • David Noble, MS, ATC

  • Jordan Shown, MBA, ATC

Running Dogma: How Runners’ Injury Beliefs Can Impact Recovery and How to Educate Them Properly 

  • David Bazett-Jones, PhD, ATC, CSCS
  • Micah Garcia, MS

Airway Management in the Equipment Laden Athlete - Best Practices & Current Care Concepts (Learning Lab) 

  • Darryl Conway, MA, ATC

Safe Space Ally Training 

  • Lorin Cartwright, MS, ATC, CAA

  • Cloe Klaus, M.Sc., ATC

  • Kristen Walker, MS ATC

Psychological Ownership in Athletic Training 

  • Matthew Rivera, DAT, ATC
  • Justin Young, DAT, ATC

Functional and Prophylactic Breathing Exercises for Patients with Inducible Laryngeal Obstruction 

  • Alice Wilcoxson, PhD, ATC, PT

Manual Therapy Cervical & Thoraic Spine (Learning Lab) 

  • Scott Lawrance, DHSc, ATC, MSPT, CSCS

Cultural Proficiency for Healthcare Providers: Addressing Health and Healthcare Disparities 

  • Corey Hannah, EdD, ATC

The Perils of Moral Distress and Moral Disengagement: Why Do Good People Make Bad Decisions? 

  • Matthew Drescher, DAT, ATC

Pinky Newell Talk - “You Have to Lose in Order to Win"

  • McKenna Reitz



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